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Accelerate Your Potential

Boost: Resilience, Intuition, Productivity, Implementation

Erase: Stuckness, Fears, Distractions, Self-Limitations — so you can

Joyfully, Abundantly Live Your Life Purpose/Calling

It's easier than you think to uncork your potential and reach your dreams.

Hi, I'm Daria Astara, and for over two decades I've helped gifted healers, teachers, coaches, performers, authors, and inspirers to get out of their own way and calmly uplevel into their life purpose and healing mission. I work by video call with folks all over the world.
My work heals your subconscious of anything that isn't you. Doing this naturally allows you to be your true self and fulfill your potential. (Yeah, you're in there and you're amazing! Let's get you out.)
My clients are gifted yet very sensitive. They're feeling called to step up, step out of themselves, and help others. But they get stuck, fearful, overwhelmed, or distracted. 
Yet they are wise and know that most of the battle to succeed is internal. In fact, it's mostly unconscious. We don't always know why we get stuck. (Or we think we do, but we're often wrong.) Maybe you've asked yourself, "What the heck is holding me back? Why do I repeat this pattern? Why can't I pull the trigger?"
That's where I come in. For some reason, the universe thought it was a great idea to give me the capacity to communicate with your subconscious. So I put that crazy ability to good use—helping you find and clean out what's in there.
This work allows me to help clients to permanently erase lifelong fears, triggers, trauma, and limiting beliefs. I can even identify the issues slowing you down the most.
The world is changing. You no longer need to suffer in order to learn and grow. Stop pushing through your mental and emotional pain and fears. Life can be easier, abundant, and joyful.
Let's release your original powerful, capable, confident self. After working with me for a while, my clients report healing to a place that is so wonderful they couldn't have imagined it when we started. This work sticks and lasts the rest of your life. (Best investment ever.)
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 Three paths to explore:

Become Your True, Confident Self!
Serving wounded healers for 20+ years (plus being one), I know how life can wound.
I also know the REAL YOU is in there!
Let me guide you to erase the distortions, trauma, fears, and limiting beliefs that hold you back.
Become your true self, calm and confident. Able to fully step into your mission.
VIP Breakthrough Day
When you're ready to go, let's GO!
Elevate yourself to the next level in one day with a VIP day of four sessions with Daria. 
Ideas: Uncork your natural gifts and talents. Remove blocks to business success. Clear limiting beliefs. Become composed for a big event. Erase your fear of public speaking. Improve  a relationship.
Intuitive Business Coaching to 
Build Your Outreach System
When you are ready to step forward and help others, this option is for you!
Healing and intuition may be my calling, but marketing and entrepreneurship has been my career. I can help you find people who want you and explain what you do!
I also can help you create and organize your signature system and write that book.
Let's talk!

Know Your Purpose,
Share Your Gifts,
& Love Your Life!

There is no reason that your past traumas, current sensitivities, or feeling different should hold you back from doing what you were born to do.
Are you ready to create a lifestyle of joyful service, on your own terms?
If so, let's talk! In just 20-30 minutes, you can tell me where you are and where you want to be. We will figure out what can best help you and whether we are a good fit for each other. (No charge for this call.) Then we can set up a plan to get going. 
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