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Finally ‚ÄĒ¬†Make an Abundant Living

Doing What You KNOW You Are Here to Do

With My Accelerated Program

For Sensitive, Intuitive, Heart-Centered Folks to

Erase Your Resistance and Start Living Your Dream

Your vision or idea deserves expression
(even if you feel uncertain or shy!)

You know what you're here to do.
 You can feel it. You had a vision, insight, download, or BIG aha moment. It lights you up, and you want to share!
In theory, sharing this should financially support you. But somehow, that isn't happening.
Clients are scarce. Business isn't taking off. Or challenges keep cropping up: difficult people, broken promises, failures, or personal burnout.
As a result, you're pouring money into this endeavor instead of making any.
Honestly, you're not a business cutthroat anyway. Marketing repulses you. Charging high prices feels icky. Yet your mission seems to require a book, business, or public appearances!
You've tried. You've followed the gurus, done free courses, paid courses, books, challenges, pricey coaching, website buildouts, and systems.

Why isn't it working... after all this time and sincere effort?

I'll tell you what is likely going on, because it's what kept me small for two decades. Yep, I finally figured out how to help highly sensitive, intuitive,¬†big-hearted individuals like us SUCCEED ‚ÄĒ that is, make a good, abundant living with a heart-based business or book. (Money is simply a measure of how much you are helping others.)
What I found: the most obstinate obstacles are invisible ‚ÄĒ buried in your unconscious.¬†

All the systems and coaching in the world will NOT help if you keep hitting hidden hang-ups, fears, uncertainty, and worse. 

These challenges appear to be outside you. They manifest in crazy external ways!
But I've found they are all inside.
The good news is KNOWING THIS MAKES THEM HEALABLE. If you have a precision healing method that can identify and remove them.
Simply put, every failed entrepreneur has internal, unconscious blocks. Once you see that, you can change it.

The Accelerate Your Impact from the Inside Out
Foundational Clear Being Program

For Healers, Thought Leaders/Teachers, Creatives, and Other Change Agents

You've already poured so much into this ‚ÄĒ you don't have 20 more years¬†to keep trying!
Help is here. 
For over two decades I've helped folks get out of their own way and confidently implement their vision faster and more easily than they assumed possible.
It's all about removing those inner blockages first.

Now I've put together an accelerated process to get you up and started within SIX MONTHS!

What you get (and we can customize this to what you need):
(1) Precision, custom healing work¬†to gently, completely erase your unique, worst unconscious limiting patterns.¬†We blast through YEARS of healing in weeks ‚ÄĒ without side effects!¬†
This  work benefits you for the rest of your life. (Best investment ever!) While everyone is different, clients feel more certainty and much, MUCH less stress about this project. 
(2) Clarify your life purpose/mission and gifts, using hand analysis, intuitive readings, and what you've learned so far. With clarity, you feel motivated.
(3) Create and implement a step-by-step plan to truly help others. This strategy is gentle and does NOT include pushy sales tactics! You begin actively building a resilient business (or book), just like you dreamed of.
Each step is customized to you and your goals. (Super-accelerated VIP Blast-through Days are also available.)

Are you ready to finally live your dream, getting paid to BE who you are and to DO what you came here to do?
Nothing is more satisfying. Nor more important.


3 Steps to Accelerating Your Impact
with Daria

No More Subconscious Blocks

Many of my clients have been highly successful, yet when it comes to their personal mission, they crumble, feel confused, have BIG blind spots, or suddenly become shy.
The REAL YOU is in there, ready and fully capable of doing this! 
I will guide you through nine levels of custom Clear Being consciousness healing to permanently erase anything that holds you back. Erase the inner blocks! 
Gently become your true self, calm and confident ‚ÄĒ that person who is fully capable of fulfilling your mission.

A Clear Purpose, Mission, Vision

The next step is to get perfectly clear on your purpose (aka calling, soul assignment, heart-centered project, etc...)
I use Hand Analysis to identify your gifts, challenges, and overall life purpose. Often when a client fine-tunes their vision, it makes all the difference.
Combined with any insights you bring (Enneagram, why, astrology, Human Design...), we will hash out your motivating mission and vision!
The key question we answer¬†is¬†‚ÄĒ how exactly will you implement doing what you were born to do?

A Step-by-Step Strategy

Healing and intuition may be my calling, but marketing and entrepreneurship/ startup has been my career.
Today my business development planning for heart-centered entrepreneurs is effective without being pushy.
Together we will outline your messaging or thought leadership, the person you can help most, exactly what to say to them, and how to reach them! I will walk you through creating a step-by-step strategy.
By this step, you're confident, motivated to work, and now you can take precision, long-lasting actions!

Ready to Love Your Life while Sharing Your Message, Service or Idea?

Today is the day you can change your trajectory, once and for all.
Past failures and poor decisions (we all do that), shyness and sensitivity, trauma or feeling different should NEVER hold you back from doing what you were born to do!
If it's in your heart, you are FULLY CAPABLE of doing this. 
Moreover, this mission came preprogrammed to provide you a comfortable living, as well.
If you're ready to do what it takes to create an abundant lifestyle of joyful service, let's have a chat! 
In just 20-30 minutes, we can discuss where you want to be,  why now, what's holding you back, and whether my system of healing, purpose, and intuitive coaching is a good fit.
No charge for this call. I look forward to hearing about your  heartfelt goals towards positive change. Namaste.
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