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The Clear Being Healing Method

Love Being the Real You

You have a powerful gift within you.

And then life throws obstacles in your way. That residue (triggers, traumas, fears, stress, and more) causes you to struggle. And suffer.

Worse, it can stop you from discovering, developing, and sharing your gifts (purpose).

Clear Being healing allows you to simply and easily erase these distortions and negative patterns from your subconscious, returning to the original beautiful and brilliant YOU.

Are you ready to reconnect with the joy of being your real self? To unlock your potential without fear or stress? To eliminate your suffering and truly enjoy being yourself?

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How Does It Work?

Clear Being heals your subconscious.
It permanently erases “false” or acquired patterns in your subconscious that were corrupted by trauma, shock, and other suffering.
It is these distortions in your perfectly beautiful human subconscious that cause further suffering. (For example we often repeat old traumas.)
These distortions can also freeze your development and severely interfere with you unfolding your potential.
Now, you can "erase them.
At an initial meeting with Daria, you will explore your goals together and set a schedule. Offline, Daria will create your custom work. Then, on Zoom or GoToMeeting, Daria will guide you through each and every exercise.

Why Is It Different?

Clear Being is gentle and powerful. It helps you do your inner work in days instead of years.
  • You never have to re-live or discuss past suffering or traumas.
  • No healing reactions (so far). Clients typically feel calm and deeply relaxed at the end of each session.
  • Each Clear Being session shifts you to a new level of you. In a series, each builds on the previous, working through larger issues or patterns.
  • Clear Being never adds anything to your energy. It simply untangles or clears your own consciousness.
  • Because it is permanent, Clear Being is the ultimate investment in you and your future. Unlock yourself!

Use Clear Being to Erase Negative Patterns...

Eliminate Stress

Who needs stress? Not you! Zap specific or general stresses.
  • Process through grieving quickly so you can function.
  • Improve stressful relationships with family members.
  • Make it easier to do what you are avoiding.

Clear Your Fears... Forever

Erase the fears that keep you small or hiding from the world! Our natural state is calm awareness. Fear is simply unnecessary.
  • Clear social anxiety or fear of public speaking.
  • Eliminate phobias—fear of spiders, flying, small spaces, needles...
  • Clear both fear of success—and fear of failure!

Halt Self-Sabotage

Shed bad habits. Our worst subconscious distortions can turn against us and limit us. Clear these and step into your power.
  • Stop limiting yourself—start exploring your true potential.
  • Break out of inertia, sadness, "depression," or confusion.
  • Heal rejection and abandonment issues.

...Or Use Clear Being to Activate Your Gifts

Reach for Peak Performance

Are you truly operating at your peak? Clean up your game mind, from the inside out.
Whether an athlete, musician, performer, or leader, Clear Being is your ticket to calm, focused confidence and performance.
You don't need to know what is in your way—just how you want to improve.

Uncover Your Life's Purpose

It's so easy to hide our gifts from ourselves. Many healers are surrounded by doubters or folks who do not understand our gifts.
When criticized, ridiculed or brushed aside, it's easy to hide your gifts and purpose from even yourself.
Now you can create safety for yourself, discover your inner treasures, and let your light shine confidently.

Manifest Your Goals

Everyone gets stuck sometimes. Wherever you want to get to, whatever you want to achieve, Clear Being can help you get there faster and easier.
Focus on your goals, and erase the subconscious blockages to getting there easily and abundantly.
Healers are sensitive and often spiritual people, yet ultimately, we must master the physical plane. Clear Being can help you do so more easily.

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