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Build a Meaningful Business
That Improves Lives

How do you build an outreach system that
allows you to feel awe daily while deeply, truly helping others?
Where do you start?
How do you explain what you do? Find clients? Get them in the door?
And THEN what?
With 30+ years in marketing, a lifetime as an entrepreneur, and
over two decades as a healer, I can help you find the business within you.
Healer to Healer business coaching guides you to 
build a joyful outreach that makes a difference
and allows you to focus on what you are good at.

Identify Your Healing Gift

What is it that comes easily to you and greatly benefits others, who can't do that as well as you can? And how do you turn that into a side gig or full-time business?
As an intuitive coach, I can help you identify your healing gift.
If you already have an idea about your gifts, let's fine tune what you offer so you LOVE your work and can genuinely help people!

Identify Whom You Can Best Help

To build the most effective outreach you can, we will identify those whom it's easiest and most enjoyable for your to work with.
You might think you know already, but amazing things come from thinking about this.
Just imagine, working with people you enjoy who deeply appreciate your help. What a fantastic foundation for your healing business!

Guidance from Another Healer

Been there, get it. It's not always easy to be a healer. You are sensitive. Easily distracted. And so many of us find ourselves in a sea of naysayers or surrounded by people who just don't get us.
The path of the healer has some odd turns. But I've seen many (and am walking my own) and it starts to make sense after a while.
I've thrown away a lot of money for coaching from non-healers who did not understand healing, my journey, nor my goals.
I promise to be different.
Since I started healing in 1998, healers and intuitives have been my clients. They came to find their life purpose and heal past what stopped them from doing that.
Today I apply my marketing and business development skills--along with intuition--to help you create your healing outreach system.