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Share Your Message
With Those Who Want to Hear You

Write a Book that Makes a Difference

Self-help or self-development is tricky to do well. To help readers without turning them off, you want to share your message in the way it can best be heard and utilized.
  • HOW you write matters: It's not about telling people what to do. How you lead readers into your information is crucial.
  • WHAT you write matters: It's not about your way of seeing the world but how you solve real, harmful problems.
  • WHY you write is very important as well and can either repel or attract people to you.
  • Most of all, TO WHOM you write is central to your book's success. Clearly focusing on solving a core challenge they have is your main goal.

First: Focus on Your Reader

Healer To Healer Consulting seeks to create clear, inspiring, and truly helpful books that look and read professionally. To achieve this, our first step is a pre-book focus process.
In an H2H writing group or with a coach, you first walk through a series of questions that builds a better book. We will help you deeply understand to whom you are writing, their experiences, and what they want to hear from you.
We will also discuss the function of this book in your outreach process.
In this way, you create a very useful book that your readers seek, keep and share.

(2) Outline with Your Coach

Next comes outlining your book. Together, we determine how to clearly convey your messaging and share the steps of your process to get results for your reader. (We typically work simultaneously in google docs.)
We help you answer questions like: What should I include? How much is enough? In what order? What stories or examples do I need? How about illustrations?

(3) Talk the Manuscript Out

Outline in hand, you will prepare each chapter's thoughts and stories ahead of time. Your coach will ask you questions to pull each chapter's information and detail out of you—in your own words.
The transcript of each session will be professionally edited into written text. Any illustrations are completed during this phase.
Soon, you will have a BOOK manuscript... Draft 1!

(4) Beta Readers & Final Edits

Drum roll, please! Now you offer your draft manuscript to a select group of beta readers! These folks are in your ideal reader profile and have the challenges your readers want to solve. A few will be good sources of referrals, recs, or joint ventures and you can gain a testimonial from them.
Beta readers will let you know what they loved, where they got confused, and what they wanted to hear more about.
Next we make any edits that came from this feedback. Then your manuscript is proofed and ready to go!

Create Your Signature System

You help people. You know it works.
But what exactly do you do—from start to finish, laid out in a repeatable process that can be taught to others?
Are you early in your process, or shifting from working one-on-one to teaching or masterminding with groups? We will help you tease out your system into numbered steps or phases, with catchy phrases, insights, tips, titles, and whatever else it requires.
From there, you can move ahead to more easily:
  • Write your book
  • Build a workshop
  • So much more!